Fund your start up in your community

Finding funds for your start up in your community itself can be the easiest way wherein your community means your relatives, friends, people who are interested in investing in your business idea or people in your geography. All successful entrepreneurs like Patrick Mackaronis also planned it well to finance their start up.

Many entrepreneurs who had a clear vision like Patrick Mackaronis had a good business idea and a good plan to finance their start up. However, there are many other ways that support businesses financially within a community. Some traditional sources are coops and new sources like crowd funding that are emerging as the best source for getting funds for your business.

Well, arranging funds from your own community has its own set of benefits and drawbacks. Let us look at some community sources that can support you financially for building your start up.

Friends and family

For ages together, start ups have always approached their friends and family members for funds. Since emotions are attached to these types of financial support, so make sure, you plan out how you are going to pay back the money borrowed and stick to the promise you make.

Make sure you have a backup plan wherein if you fail in business, how you will be paying back the money you borrowed from your closed ones.


They are local firms wherein many of them are banking and farmers. Coop members also start on a small scale and they turn into millionaires.

Direct public firms

You can go to firms that are involved in offering funds directly. The company helps you complete the documentation part, filing securities and enable you to sell your product directly to the public.

All these sources within the community have benefits if you plan it well and do not land up in a mess where you are unable to pay back the money borrowed.

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