Pokémon Go- How Combat Power works

Pokémon Go- How Combat Power works

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Pokémon Go is an exciting game loved by almost all. Some game lovers consider it as a challenge more than just a game. Once they develop the urge to become master in the game, they try to hack Pokemon Go through various tools available online. Talking about the real tricks and techniques that help you succeed in the game, the article will brief in about how Combat power works in the game Pokémon Go.

Combat power basically defines the level of your Pokémon in the game. It identifies the strength of Pokémon and every Pokémon you use is different. You can increase the maximum points of your Pokémon by increasing their CP that is combat power. But, it is important to know how CP actually works? How to identify the strength of your Pokémon?

Consider the CP meter as a percentage bar rather than looking at it as a numbered bar. If the white dot falls on the left side, it shows that it is quite weak, whereas if it is on the right side, your Pokémon is quite strong for your current level. The maximum quantity of CP is decided by the Trainer level and every Pokémon is of different type and its max CP quantity differs too.

Remember, evolving a Pokémon will directly increase its entire CP, but will not increase the rate of power. In case a Pokémon evolves at a lower CP will show the low spot on the bar that scale its potential as compared to other Pokémon.

Now, the question arises as to which of the Pokémon are best to tame, when should the Pokémon be evolved and when should the Pokémon needs to be powered up? Ideally, it is your choice and what exactly you want to do- battle the closest gyms, reach a higher level first or just catch all the Pokémon’s.

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